1. What does KAYWEB Angels do?

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2) What if I have already done some development?

We will consider each application on its merits, however since the service we are providing is centered on development, you should consider your approach carefully. If you are only interested in our mentorship services, or if you still have additional development to do, we would advise that you still apply.

3) Are there any limitations on which startup can apply?

We specifically provide our service for equity offer to startups who have not yet received VC funding.

Our preference is for the startup to be at an early stage, as you can take full advantage of our array of services in development and mentoring.

4) If my idea is not a profitable one, should be still apply?

Probably not a good idea unless your hope is that we can identify monetization potential. KAYWEB Angels, LLC is a business that is built to make money and the ideas need to convince us of their money-making potential.

5) Do you help us raise funds?

KAYWEB Angels, LLC includes experts with proven capital raising experience. We would provide advice and guidance as we would be vested partners with all the startups we invest in.

6) How much do you invest?

We would typically define a scope of work, value it and add it to our mentoring value and come up with a figure that will be the subject of equity negotiations. To date, KAYWEB Angels, LLC has invested between $100,000 and $500,000 in its projects.

7) How much equity do you expect?

This is the million dollar question and would also depend on the project that is subject of discussion. Typically, KAYWEB Angels, LLC equity in a project will range between 20 and 40%.

8) Do we have to be US citizens or be based in the US?

No to both, however we have a strong preference for projects that will launch in the US due to our location, expertise and the market size.

9) Do you assist with getting US visas?

We can guide you in the right direction, but we do not assist with applications, nor do we provide sponsorships.

10) Will you consider signing a startup outside the web and mobile space?


11) Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

We will not sign an NDA, nor would any VC firm or investor listening to many ideas. We guarantee confidentiality of your particular idea and can arrange Memorandums of Understanding on a case by case basis.

12) How do you differ from Incubators?

Incubators typically get technical and non-technical people together, pay them survival salaries, provide workspace/living space (sometimes) for a given period while you come up with your product. In exchange, incubators take equity. KAYWEB Angels, LLC becomes your technical partner and business mentor, guaranteeing delivery of an agreed scope in exchange for company equity.

13) How do you differ from Angel Investors?

We are angel investors, except we offer our services (development and mentoring) in exchange for equity instead of actual funds.

14) How do you differ from VCs?

Again, we do not provide funds and consider ourselves a step ahead of when startups should ideally approach VCs. Without a live product (website/app), an approach to a VC could result in funds and significant loss of company equity and ownership rights. With KAYWEB Angels, you are given that product for a more modest equity, while maintaining more control over your business and idea.

Approaching VCs with your product means less money is needed and less of the company needs to be given away.

15) Do we need to submit a business plan?

No. Our application form provides KAYWEB Angels with enough information to decide whether to resume discussions or not.

16) How do I apply?

Click here to apply. We consider applications once every quarter and invite startups to provide further information and/or appear in person for assessment.